Senior Power Supply Application Engineer

2018/01/13 changsha 1 8k+

Post requirements:

  • BSc or MSc in Electrical Engineering 3+ years experience with switching power supply design

  • Background in C and C++ programming

  • Hands on experience, testing and bench

  • Experience with all switching DC/DC PWM tecnologies

  • Familiarity with magnetic design (inductors, transformers)

  • Experience with Analog Control

  • Experience with Digital Control _usage of Z transform in the design of digital stabilty compensation loop

  • Familiarity with automatic testing

  • Familiarity with I2C bus. circuit simulation experience (Pspice, Symetrix)

Job content:

  • Test digital controllers in cutting edge DC/DC power supplies

  • Perform digital programing of various functions in the DC/DC supply, including stabilty compensation loop

  • Innovate and liaise with our internal IC design group as well as various customers

  • Work within highly experienced and innovative DC/DC design team members

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