Generative Cylindrical Lithium Battery Test Machine

1. Energy feedback, regenerative, high efficiency of energy saving; 2. High-precision (1mV.1mA); 3. 16-bit DAC + 24-bit ADC; 4. ADI + TI high-precision seamless constant voltage constant current switching

  • Series: BTS5V10A-256

Product Description

Lithium battery automatic detection cabinet mainly by the computer, communication interface and battery testing cabinet. The battery testing cabinet is composed of fixture and plate fixture body , a CC CV source, a sampling circuit, a grading capacity control circuit, a single chip and a control panel.

Application for power battery grading capacity, capacity testing and Cycle life test.

Mainstream of power battery testing equipment to meet the power battery pulse charge and discharge test, DCIR (DC resistance) test, Cycle life test, charge & discharge rate test.



1.Square shape battery grading

2.Cycle life test

3.Power, capacity, energy detection

4.Power battery virtual grouping: charge and discharge curve fitting, battery consistency assessment and testing

5.High-rate charge & discharge testing



1. Each device has 256 channels to insert battery to do CC&CV charge and CC discharge test

2. Patented constant current - constant voltage power supply, constant current to constant voltage easy to switch, especially for lithium-ion battery charging requirements.

3. The device uses a single-chip computer as the control center, with the peripheral sampling circuit. Users can save completed charging and discharging curves of all channels with PC, also can control through the front panel to finish constant current or constant voltage charging, constant current discharge test, sorting by time and other work.

ItemGenerative Cylindrical Lithium Battery Test Machine  
Channels256 channels(customized)
ControlSingle&All channel
Fixture10A Plate shape(customized)
Battery size100mmW*145mmH*10mmD(customized)
Device input power 15KW
InputVoltage380V 10% 50Hz
PFPF 0.95
THD(I)High-quality energy feedback: high-quality discharge energy feedback to grid, THDI 0.05, high efficiency energy saving, no pollution to the power grid; high efficiency not cause the temperature of the test environment to rise, energy-saving for other ancillary equipment.
Charge efficiency80%FS
Feed back efficiency75%FS
OutputChannels 256 channels for 1 set
Voltage test range0-5V,resolution 1mV
Discharge test range0.8V-5V
Voltage meassurement accuracy(0.01%FS+3dgt)
CV rangeDC1.5V-4.5V
CV set accuracy(0.01%FS+3dgt)
Battery voltage charge range  DC 0-5.0V
Battery V dischargeDC5.0-1.5V
CC range0-10A,resolution 1mA
Current set accuracy(0.01%FS+3dgt)
Current measurement accuracy(0.01%FS+3dgt)
Time range0-30000min/step
Data DisplayComprehensive dataSet related information, step NO., loop NO., termination status, open circuit voltage, average voltage, termination voltage, time, capacity, power, termination current, constant current charge capacity, constant voltage charge capacity, constant current ratio, constant voltage ratio , discharge efficiency, loss ratio, accumulated discharge capacity, capacity time voltage with curve characteristic points, and select the settings.
 Data SortedIndependent sort for open circuit voltage, average voltage, termination voltage, termination current, capacity, power, termination conditions and other data.
Data exportData can be sent to EXCEL, ACCESS, WORD file, and exported to the MDB database to format file.
Curve&DataAll DisplaySimultaneous display of all tested step voltage and current curves and select  whether the real-time data to display or not

Independent step displaySelect the required step curves and corresponding curve of real-time data.
Statistical reportStatistical dataInput the required statistical range, the data can be level statistics, qualified numbers, qualified rate, maximum, minimum, average, etc. data for independent classification display
Distributiondisplaying statistical capacity of each section with graphy
Print outWith curve data print preview, output function
Programmable and variable control adjustmentC_CCVoltage cut-off, time cut-off, End value
C_CVVoltage cut-off, time cut-off
RESTtime cut-off
D_CCVoltage cut-off, time cut-off
CYCLESet termination cycles
Sort Methods(using barcode information to do system sorting, this function is limited to users with bar code. DCIR testing should be customized with related system)1. by capacityGenerate grading capacity statistics
2. by running timeLight-emitting tube sorting instructions Platform time Grading results in squence, group, export
4. by open circuit voltage Discharge current constant current ratioDischarge open circuit voltage
6. by gradingAverage discharge voltage
7. by voltage valueDischarge capacity
8. by curves (voltage curve point)Discharge time
9.Self-discharge rate K1, K2Discharge loss ratio
10.OCV1 / OCR1 test time, voltage, battery internal resistance OCV2 / OCR2 test time, voltage, battery internal resistance OCV3 / OCR3 test time, voltage, internal battery resistanceDischarge efficiency
11. Fixed-point platform 1 corresponding capacity, timeDischarge termination voltage
Fixed-point platform 2 corresponding capacity, timeGrading voltage changes 
Fixed-point platform 3 corresponding capacity, timeThe median voltage
Fixed-point platform 4 corresponding capacity, timeUsers can select according to the chosen requirement for pairs.
Fixed-point platform 5 corresponding capacity, time
By grading voltage
By grading capacity
By grading time
Users can choose 1 or more options mentioned above for sorting
Charging & Discharging modeConstant current charging, nickel-metal hydride charging, lithium battery charging, constant voltage charging, constant current & voltage charging (constant current conveter to constant voltage smoothly, to prevent current spikes and large current impact on the battery to protect the battery); constant current discharge, Constant resistance discharge
Charging efficiency80%
Discharge recycle efficiency75%
cycles set1-256 times
cycles range1-9999 times
Programmable step64 steps
Current response speedMin step time1S
Sampling inspection cycle5S
Power-down protectionWith smart power-down protections, the power supply system is powered off or powered down at any time during the battery test (the CPU storage control system has power supply support), the test system can ensure that no data is lost, and after resuming,the system has a self-recovery function, seamless connection from the last power down, continue the test process.