Lithium Battery PACK Charge and Discharge Test Machine

94% charge efficiency; 93% feedback efficiency; 1S / H time accuracy;255 single cycle step

  • Series: BTS1000

Lithium Battery charge and discharge test system was developed by DWEV Power used in a computer-controlled products. Software design adopts large data dealing methods, controlling bidirectional power supply with PC to realize automatic charge and discharge function for bi-dc power supply and battery test instead of manual record data.


  1. Good flexibility for the extension of the power battery test, facilitating to expand and adjust for system in need.

  2. Various standard dynamic test procedures to meet the needs of battery testing.

  3. Up to 225 steps to provide users with a wide range of functions.

  4. Flexible test program, variables and programming to achieve a variety of combinations of test programs,simulating a variety of operating conditions of the car.

  5. Providing charging and discharging efficiency, capacity decay rate, current - voltage characteristics curves,

  6. EXCEL document to save and print

  7. With emergency switch. Power off automatically shut down, automatic load connection and disconnection.

Product NameBTS1050BTS1100BTS1150BTS1300BTS1450
Channelsone channel,bidirectional control,PC software can be customized and communicate with BMS
Functions1. Battery Cycle Life Test 
2.Battery capacity test
3. Battery charge / discharge test
4.Battery charge retention test
5. Battery Charge / Discharge Efficiency Test 
6. Battery Overcharge / Overdischarge Rate Tolerance Test ,Supporting CAN communication with BMS
AC input interface1. Input three-phase four-wire AC380V +/- 10%
2. Input maximum power 175KW
3. Maximum inverter power 120KW
4. Frequency 50Hz
6. Power factor 
7. Charging efficiency 93%
8. Feedback efficiency 93%
Voltage accuracy±0.1% of F.S±0.1% of F.D
Charge efficiency94%full load
Feed back efficiency93%full load
Channels current range  0.1A
Current accuracy±0.1% of F.S±0.1% of F.D
Channels power range1 channel:1500W~±150KW
Power accuracy±3%FS
Current response timecurrent hardware response time
time set range1000mins/step
time accuaracy1S/H
Voltage and current detect sampling4 wires connecting
Data recordvoltagecurrent, time difference
Data record frequency100ms
Charge modeCC, CV,CP.
Charge  deadlineBus-line voltagecurrenttimecapacityAuxiliary voltage
Discharge deadlineBus-line voltagecurrenttimecapacityAuxiliary voltage
Protectionspower-down, data recovery, software OVP, OUP, software OCP, UCP, auxiliary temperature, auxiliary voltage, set voltage and current,  channel protection can be displayed in the list
Single cycle step255 steps, with inserted function
Single channel cycle times 65535
SoftwareBinary file records, voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature, energy, etc.,corresponding curves can be saved as EXCEL or txt files, providing constant current, constant voltage, rest, trip,Loop, loop insert, "goto" and other functions

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